Terms & Conditions

The website www.c-architects.gr, the logo, the content and the elements of the related websites are the intellectual property of the company with the name Symeon Chrysomilides, based in Thessaloniki, address Mitropoleos number 67, with tax identification number EL063586311, Tax office (DOY) D’ Thessalonikis where the architectural office with the distinctive mark “C-Architects” (hereinafter “architectural office”) operates and is protected by the provisions of Law 2123/93 on intellectual property and related rights (Government Gazette A’ 25/4-3-1993), as amended and in force. 

Intellectual property rights 

The entire content of the website www.c-architects.gr, indicatively the photos, graphics, logo, texts, symbols, layouts, all distinguishing features, all files, etc. is subject to intellectual property rights of architectural office and subject to the provisions on intellectual property. It is expressly prohibited to copy, reproduce, republish, store, sell, rent, distribute and, in general, exploit in any way whatever is included on the website www.c-architects.gr, whether in whole or in part, without the express prior written consent of architectural office. 

Obligations of website visitors 

Visitors to the website www.c-architects.gr must carefully read the terms of use before entering the web pages and if they do not agree they must stop browsing. If they continue browsing, they are deemed to agree and accept the terms of use. 

Visitors must protect the electronic media they use (computers, etc.) with anti-malware and anti-virus programs, comply with applicable laws and regulations and not make any illegal and abusive use of the website’s content www.c-architects.gr .

If any damage is caused to architectural office resulting from misuse of website visitors www.c-architects.gr , relevant sanctions will be imposed. 

Disclaimer of Warranties, Limitation of Liability 

The navigation and use of the websites of architectural office is the sole responsibility of its visitors. 

Architectural office makes every effort to ensure that its websites are protected from malicious attacks and viruses and are in good working order. However, it does not give such a guarantee. Architectural office shall not be liable if any technical or other problems occur, even if the content of its websites is not displayed. Architectural office can in no way be considered responsible for any harm or damage that may occur to visitors, due to the use of the website www.c-architects.gr .

Please note that the information and in general all the content of the website www.c-architects.gr they do not provide any warranty as to their merchantability or suitability and do not constitute an advertisement or advice for any use thereof, without the prior written advice of architectural office.

Applicable law 

These terms of use, as applicable from time to time, are governed by Greek law, and in the event that any dispute arises with visitors to the websites of architectural office, the courts of the city of architectural office will be competent for its resolution.  

Modifications to the terms of use 

Architectural office is entitled to modify the aforementioned terms of use at any time, without prior notification, by simply posting the modified text on this website. 

Questions and queries regarding the Terms of Use should be sent to the email address (e-mail) info@c-architects.gr